Monday, 30 July 2007

The long wait

If you've been following this you will know I'm not the most patient person in the world. I hate waiting for things be it a new phone or a new car!

Not long now until I collect my 51 Freelander but it feels like forever, funnily enough I haven't had the 'kid at Christmas' feeling on this one. Perhaps after 45+ cars in my driving career the effect of getting a new one is wearing off. In fact I'm more concerned about the progress of the Foutrack on eBay, hope to get a decent price for it but to be honest I just need it gone so it's selling without a reserve *gulp*

Will be putting the Freelander to use straight away, my photog bud and I will be heading to Exmoor after we collect it to get some photos. So hopefully at the weekend I'll be able to upload some photo's of the truck as well as from it's first outing.

Ah well, back to waiting, waiting, waiting ....


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