Monday, 9 July 2007

Sunny days!

Well we had a bit of nice weather at last this weekend. I had my little angel to stay though so couldn't really get out. I prefer quality time with her than dragging her along while I take photo's. Also had to sort a set of fork seals on a Suzuki GS500E for a mate before his MOT late Sunday. Good I have a garage because as soon as he left to come over it was torrential rain :(

Managed to sort the seals in the end using a 20mm box spanner to secure the fork damper rod while we removed the lock bolt. Why they used locktight on the damn thing in the first place is beyond me!

Anyway, cleaned my many vehicles too and will get some shots later this week. About time I updated the 'folio' for them. Some I've had for a while and still haven't got any photo's :

Hoping the weather holds for this week [but it's not looking good] as I really want to get out and take some photo's. Managed to get a few processed late last week and will get them online soon.


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