Friday, 20 July 2007

Mac Mini - Off to the dark side

Well I've started the transfer to the dark side, or so some would say. Me I say I'm off to the light side, the side that offers speed, function, reliability and most of all security!

Got myself a 1.66Ghz Mac Mini to process my photos on, the main reason being the PC I was previously using is so badly unreliable that it was impossible for me to actually ever process any. Couple that with the fact that I lost *alot* of shots recently and you can see the reasoning.

Fired it up out of the box last night and was running inside 5 minutes, amazing! Will be running various installs tonight and I'll see how it copes with that. Should be able to use it in anger this weekend and will post some shots for all to see.

If all works out I will grab myself a 3Ghz Mac Pro and use the Mini for streaming media, the mini is my proverbial toe in the water ;)


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