Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Project Gixxer - Part II

Ah yet again Blogger decided to blank my post, seems you are not supposed to change the font or colour of the text. Then why have the frickin options!!!!

Right so I've calmed down now, guess I'll just keep using this while I evaluate other options!

Anyway the story so far is that the project is stalled and the motor and running gear are going into the Kat I have in the garage. Having stripped the GSXR down it looks like the motor will fit into the Kat frame without any hassle, quick measurements on the forks and swing-arm also show they should fit.

I will be dropping the motor out tonight and will take some detailed measurements to be sure then progressing from there. This of course highlights the need for a paint job on the Kat. Now as I have 2 sets of bodywork I was going to paint one in original SE4 colours and one in Candy Apple Green [lovelly!]. Not sure which set to paint first though so will have to decide and crack on with it.

We aren't really having the right weather to entertain the idea of painting but it has to be done, will need to clean, seal and warm the garage ready and just crack on. At least it gives me something to do in this bleeding awful weather :(

Will try to get some shots of the two bikes tonight and get them on-line tomorrow.


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