Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Yet another new vehicle

I have been driving the Fourtrak alot lately because it's just so much fun, my daughter loves it too as she can "see into the fields and watch all the sheep" so I'm looking to upgrade it. Now I was thinking of getting a newer Fourtrak but after looking around it appears they simply changed the lights and nothing else. It's exactly the same inside as my old '98 so no point changing. Most even had nearly double the mileage as mine!

So after looking around and checking out a mates Landrover Freelander I quite fancy one of them. Was looking at the petrol model until he told me of the many issues they suffer from, then the Di until I spotted all the bad reviews they got. Ok ok you win I'll get the damn TD4 version ;) More money but more reliable and a better drive with better spec than most. I was tempted by the ES version but decided more toys is more to go wrong and I'd be more reluctant to drive a newer [cleaner] model down the lanes I need to park it in.

Soo, the Skoda will be passed to the missus, her Corsa sold, my Fourtrak sold and Freelander replacing the two of them. Makes sense to lose one of the unused vehicles, will save me a fortune on insurance and tax alone!

Popping to see one tonight, a little more than I wanted to spend but I'm hoping to hammer down the price, also comes with a soft-top which I will sell on to recoup some of the overspend. Lovely example with only 35k on the clock so hopefully I will get it. Keep your fingers crossed for me :)


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