Sunday, 22 July 2007

Mac Mini - Part II

Well I've managed to get the study sorted out and removed the unreliable shuttle from the equation. I've also moved my file server and wireless routers into the loft. Makes alot more room in the study and it's generally a nicer place to be working in :)

Tried to install Apple Aperture onto the Mac and it tells me I've not got enough RAM LOL, I kind of expected that but thought the app would install and just run slowly. Anyway I've ordered some more RAM from Crucial [] at £60[ish] for 2GB! I also ordered a 320GB external HDD, Mac Keyboard and Mighty Mouse from Apple. Added an iPod dock at the last minute so the whole order came in around £200 and everything will be here mid next week.

Hope to have Aperture up & running by the weekend and the new backup solution in place. Happy days!


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OCRAMA said...

I've got a Mac Mini, they work amazing, there really small and there also incredibly fast. I have the upgraded model with garage band and all the fun programs already on it. It was wicked cheap too so in my case it was pretty much a steal.