Friday, 27 July 2007

New Phone - Part III

Well finally the Samsung S500i is repaired and ready for collection from the O2 store. It took them 14 [working] days to repair it though. Part of the problem is they couldn't find the proof of purchase on their system, despite me buying it from an O2 store, so were attempting to charge me for the repair.

That didn't irk me too badly though, what did is that I had to call them for an update, I then had the hassle of proving I purchased the phone and it being in warranty. This is a new model and hasn't been out 12 months yet!

Then I get a call the next day advising of the charge on the repair and how am I going to pay for it .... ! I put them straight then got a call 48 hours later to advise it's fixed. Time will tell I guess but I'll be selling it straight away so hope it's fine.


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