Friday, 27 July 2007

Gaming & Frustrations

So I'm 76% of the way through Colin McRae : Dirt and I've had some blinding results with an average finish of 1st, 70 wins and only 7 losses. Then I start one of the last tiers and it's all gone to hell! I am racing a track I have done once before in a favoured car and it just refuses to handle. Why oh why do games do this, they suck you in then go stupidly hard causing you to lose interest.

Had it with Overlord too, getting along fine, loved the game the *WHAM* rock hard, made me lose interest and I haven't picked it up since. I guess I will again one day but that day is a long way away. Too many good solid, consistent games out there to be played.

I get a couple of hours a night of gaming time, I don't want to waste them getting frustrated at a game and ending up more stressed than when I picked up the controller!

Ah well, time to get another new game I suppose so there is an upside ;)


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