Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Mac Mini - Part IIII

Well, the RAM went in without too much cursing. It is a mare of a job getting the top case off simply because it's all so tight. I managed to put a few marks in the base but all in all it's been worth it. After a couple of heart stopping moments, it wouldn't boot because the chassis wasn't grounded by the corner screws and then it booting into sleep mode, it shows the 2GB of RAM and Apple Aperture installed without error.

I am disappointed with the 'Mighty' mouse and Apple keyboard though, they don't work through my KVM USB switch and have to be directly connected. Then I have to set-up the keyboard to allow it to be used as an Apple original and not generic. The trouble is though that the keyboard set-up util keeps telling me it's an internal keyboard so I can't set it up!

Every other thing I have plugged in works a treat without drivers, including the Maxtor external HDD. The only thing that has thus far failed is the Apple kit! Disappointing.


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