Thursday, 26 July 2007

Yet another new vehicle - Part II

Well I popped out to see the Freelander last night, was only down the road and we were there delivering a bike anyway. Looked a good little motor and went like a dream, managed to get it a little off the screen price but not alot. Enough to fill her up, buy some shiney bits and run it for a bit though :)

Got a few excess bits too which I will be selling to buy more shiney bits, I do love em, in time but for now I'm going to run it about for a bit.

I will be collecting it next Thursday, cleaning it on the weekend so watch out for some photos in Part III. The sad thing is I now have to sell the Fourtrak which has served me so well in the short time I've had it, the old girl is a blast and I'll be sorry to see it go.


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