Monday, 2 July 2007

Project Gixxer

Project Gixxer has been stalled recently, have to grab a new sub-frame from the later model to make the new seat unit fit and look good. This involves more expense and to be honest I just don't fancy spending anymore cash on this right now.

The decision has been made to strip the GSXR and squeeze the motor into my GSX750SE3 Katana, should make for a lively bike ;)

Will also be fitting the forks and swing-arm from the GSXR into the Kat to both improve handling and tyre choice as well as use the brand new tyres fitted to the GSXR.

I don't know whether the motor will fit without major surgery but I'm sure I can shoe horn it in there and get it running without too many issues. The forks and swing-arm should fit straight in without any issues. Will try them once I've stripped the GSXR to make sure of this and get the Kat to a rolling chassis though before I go any further.

Will update you when I get chance and get some of the usual stripdown photographs along the way.


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