Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Filters et al

Just ordered a 77mm R72 Infrared filter, looked at both the Hoya and the Kood versions, the Kood being half the price of the Hoya took it. If I use the filter alot then I might replace it but to be honest I've used Kood filters before and find them to be very good.

Should get some interesting shots from it. Haven't used my other filters much though, I have ND's, ND Grads, Sunset and a polariser which haven't seen much use yet. I also bought a red filter after seeing how gorgeous the sky was through my red sunglasses, unfortunately the filter just doesn't work the same LOL.

Not long now before I get the Freelander, then can head out and get some shots. Just got to find the charger for the 5D and charge the batteries ;)


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