Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Pet hates

Won't tell you yet or it would ruin the picture story ;) Now are we all sitting comfortably, then I'll begin ....

Picture the scene, it's an idylic spot:

Not a cloud in the sky:

The bee's are buzzing:

The swans are swimming:

All is right with the world then you turn the corner and BHAM:

This undeniably disgusting site hits you, the horror will probably escape you [as thankfully the stink will] as I haven't been able to imortalise all the rubbish within. You would be amazed by the amount of bottles and general rubbish in here. I mean it begs the question ... Why?

*sigh* I hate rubbish! Take it home with you people, and if you don't want to then stay home with your rubbish and leave the countryside to those of us who respect it.


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