Friday, 27 July 2007

Buy low sell high

Well the Fourtrak is getting some interest so thats good, will be sorry to see it go but I need to get rid of it ready for the arrival of the Freelander next week. Got all the cash sorted, will have to nip to the bank then head out and hand it over [the hardest part].

Need to nip into a local city in the morning with it and that will be hard work as it will be only my second drive in it. Had in excess of 40 vehicles in my driving career so am used to changing them all the time and driving different cars. Always a nerve racking first few miles though.

The weather is improving today, no doubt it will be raining this weekend though, I need to cut the grass and decorate my daughters room this weekend. Guess if it's raining I'll do the decorating and if it's not I'll cut the grass first then grab a brush.

I hate decorating but it *has* to be done, I started it along time ago and just haven't had the energy to finish it. You know the way, you rush on into something then lose all enthusiasm when it comes to finishing it the day after.

Well I ramble on, nothing much happening today as it's all very quiet & dull here, Just counting the hours until the weekend when I can have a nice lie in and crack on with the jobs I have hanging over me.


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