Thursday, 12 July 2007

New Phone

Grr, wrote a whole raft of rubbish on my new phone and the saga of the old one and for some reason when selecting the text to reduce the size and change the font Blogger blanked it!!!

Oh well I can't be bothered to type the whole lot again, in short;

Had a new Sansung S500i which wouldn't make calls, receive sms's or allow MP3 ringtones. Now back with O2 for repair. Never liked Nokia because of poor call quality but got hold of an N73 which is superb. I now have MP3 ringtones & message tones [something I've missed for a long time] and great call quality. Was seriously looking at the N95 until I heard reports of people selling the phone to go back to the N73 because of poor battery life.

Happy days with my new phone and boooo to blogger for wiping my post! BAD BLOGGER!


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