Friday, 27 July 2007

Mac Mini - Part V

Hmm, first time I've hit a 'Part V'. Some sort of milestone I suppose ... Anyway since the move of the server into the loft space the Mac seems to have lost sight of the Windows network shares. Bit of a bind as this is my fileserver and has all my needed files on there.

I guess it will be a case of checking the whole thing this weekend [after the various jobs] and ascertaining where the problem lies. I also need to swap out a GigaBit switch downstairs as this 'appears' to be working but isn't passing data. Bit of a bind as the only spare I have left is an unreliable Netgear :(

Will be shutting down one of the 8Mb DSL's I have into the house as I no longer need [or use] the redundant link. I will then be looking to see if I can use the two spare Netgear routers as wireless repeaters to boost the signal around my property. Don't hold out much hope though and no doubt I will end up buying repeaters.

Anyway, in short the Mac is holding up well apart from an issue where when booted from power off it appears to go directly into sleep mode. Also have a problem with the Mac keyboard and mouse but no doubt I'll overcome all this shortly.


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