Monday, 6 August 2007

The long wait - Part II

Well at last the long wait is over, I have the Freelander in my posession and on my drive. Has a baptism of fire with it though as I've had to cover 200 miles this weekend starting as soon as I picked it up.

Noticed a couple of little issues like a smell of raw diesel [which aparently is most likely a loose injector] and the clutch is a little low so will need replacing in a short time. Also need to look at four tyres as the ones on there are getting low and causing road noise.

Got some photos of it this weekend and will put them on-line soon, just need to process them first and the Mac Mini will not recognise my card reader!

Swapped the hard-back out for the soft-back too this weekend, that isn't an easy job and to be honest don't see myself using it much. To drop the top you need to zip out the windows, remove them and replace them with covers and drop the top. I would say it's a 5 minute job to drop the top and 10 minutes to get it back up again. Not worth the hassle unless I'm out for the day. Still, at least I have the option ;)


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