Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Painting & Decorating

Have I ever told you how much I loathe decorating! The cutting in around the walls, it alsways looks straight but never is, no matter how hard you try you always get paint where it shouldn't be. The stink of the paint, the cleaning brushes and rollers and just the general downtime while you wait for the paint to dry *sigh*

Then there's the expense of it all, multiple coatings for the walls to get them in a fit state, the paint, rollers, brushes, trays etc. It all mounts up :(

Have been decorating my daughters room recently, been going at it for 5 days now and though the end is near there's still alot to do. We chose Turkish Delight [bright pink] and Amethyst for the walls, coupled with pink shelving, light switches and an amethyst radiator cover [all contrasting for effect] so it should look lovely BUT ....

Damn is that pink bright! I just hope my little angel doesn't think it's too bright and can't sleep in it. I really don't relish the thought of trying to tone down the pink.

Ah well, at least she'll love it and it has been due for a while :)


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