Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Macro work - Part V

Well, I ordered the Lense and expected it to arrive on Saturday after some delays posting it. I waited in Saturday for it and it didn't arrive! Mailed the seller and waited the usual 6 hours for a response, turns out "it wasn't posted sorry" which turned into a rather abusive thread of emails.

In the end the seller has thrown in a Hoya filter and the lense should arrive today, I have no confidence in the seller or their communications and I won't be sending them large amounts of cash again! Our dealings are now concluded and no matter how good the price I won't be using them again. I have spent nearly £4k with them and feel this should cause them to be more pro-active with their communication. Having to constantly chase them is not something I'm happy about.

So now we wait, and wait until the lense arrives. If it doesn't arrive today I will demand a refund, pay the extra and order elsewhwere with next day delivery.


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