Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Bank Holiday Weekend

Well what a blistering Bank Holiday weekend it was, stepped out into the garden on Friday afternoon and it was like an oven! Recorded nearly 30 degrees in the house at one point *phew*

Managed to tidy out the garage enough to fit the lift in better and get access to a few of the Katana bits ready for a re-assembly. Still a mess in there though :

Also managed to start the re-carpeting of the stairs, took alot longer than anticipated as the old carpet had alot of nails in it! Most of them have damaged the underside of the treads as they are hardwood and have been badly nailed. Annoying really as they are lovely stairs.

Didn't manage to get out and get any shots, very very hot so decided against baking in the sun. Might grab a coolbox for the Freelander to keep some drinks cold while they are on offer.


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