Thursday, 9 August 2007

Shiney bits

Bought some lovely sparkly 2.5" stainless steel rock sliders for the freelander last week. Managed to get them fitted on Tuesday night and boy what a palaver! They come with tiny little bolts and washers so these had to be replaced, the rivnuts you use to affix to the existing chassis holes where a bugger to fit too!

The bars themselves weigh a bit too so lifting them to fix them was a struggle on my own. They do look great on there though, will have to get some photos of them and post them up for you.

Did notice a couple of little issues when I was under the truck, there is an odd drain pipe hanging out of the nearside wheel well, one of the exhaust rubbers is off and I have a bolt missing out of the sump guard. All easily fixeable though, might even get them done tonight :)


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