Monday, 1 October 2007

General Ramblings

Well I've tried to avoid this but I guess that's the purpose of this blog, my general ramblings!

Nothing really happening this week, the weather is awful, Halo3 was [in my opinion dire] and I'm already stuck on Sega Rally! I have though been considering getting a backdrop for my dining room to turn it into a Macro studio. I've been getting out less and less these days and I still haven't used my new Mac Mini to sort any photo's, truth is I haven't been out to take any :(

I think will a nice backdrop, my old studio lights broken out of storage and some of the less mundane household tat and i'll be looking at some good shots in the coming days. I have spent a great deal of money on my gear and I really need to feel like I'm using it. If I don't then 'buyers remorse' creeps up on me and makes me question my spending.

Now through the summer [2006 that is and 2007 was a bust!] I used my gear alot, after upgrading to the 5D and many new lenses I just haven't really used the gear in anger since. That depresses me both because I haven't been out and the cost of the gear.

It reminded last week when I paid my renewal for the Wildlife Wetlands Trust and National Trust membership. I used both on a single occasion this year! It would have been more cost effective to have paid for the single visit!

I'm hoping my little studio set-up, in a room I rarely use, will make me use the gear more, get more shots and give me a greater understanding of lighting. I won't be using natural lighting and flash / studio photography is always something I've struggled with.


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