Monday, 8 October 2007

Macro Studio

Bought myself a Macro / Light tent last week. It's an 80 x 80 x 80cm tent with 3 different backdrops. I've seen some amazing results from these style set-ups and wanted something to keep me busy during the wet winter months when I can't get out and take shots.

It's all easy to set-up and use, now all I need is suitable lighting. I ran a couple of test shots through it at the weekend and with just the MT24 to light the way the shots were drab and uninspiring. I purchased a couple of desk lamps and found them to be seriously lacking in power. They barely lit themselves never mind the tent, my Maglite had more power!

I've seen people using halogen work lights but thought they would be too much, looks like I need to re-visit these. I guess I can move them further from the tent when I require less light or even diffuse them for short periods.

Hopefully I will have time to hook something up this week, had to sort the house and have the garage begging for a tidy up so we'll see.


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