Monday, 22 October 2007

Run Rabbit Run!

So it's started to get cold in the evenings now and the missus is worried about her rabbits being outside in it. We decided a while ago to build them a new hutch, run and outdoor enclosure. The hutch was to be double skinned and insulated to combat cold. The problem is with the awful weather we have been having I just haven't had chance to even get the footings in.

So we made the decision to insulate the current affair this Saturday, off down to the local builders merchant to grab some 1" insulation and 4mm plywood to get started. The problems came when they only had 2" insulation so we decided to go with that, when I got home I realised the futility of my plan when I installed the first studwork using the planed 2x1 I had spare. It's planed meaning it's no longer 2" deep, hence the insulation is too damn thick!

Anyway we plodded on and after another trip to the builders merchants for ply we now have an upstairs area fully insulated with 2" polysytrene block and lined with 4mm plywood. They have been using the area alot more now so it muct be warmer. Was a long day but worth it in the end :)

They seem alot happier now and enjoyed the day spent in the garden keeping the grass down for me. I'm currently suffering though with a seriously painful back after working all day in such cramped conditions.


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