Monday, 8 October 2007

Freelander Service

Decided to change the oil on my Landrover Freelander TD4 this weekend. I had a couple of long[ish] trips in it the other day and it was the first real distance I'd covered in it since getting it. When I checked the oil level it was fine but the oil itself was like treacle!

So I grabbed some oil, filters and a new set of wipers. Couldn't get the air or fuel filters so they are on order and will be done at a later date. Read the manual and decided it was a 30 minute job. Wrong!

To get the oil drained you need to drop the sump guard, not a hard job but time consuming, it uses different fixings on the front and rear bolts! Once this was done it was a pretty straightforward affair.

Thought nothing until the following day when my shoulders, neck, throat and back were *really* sore. Had to potter about and do nothing all day in the end which was an annoying waste of a lovely day [one of the last few we will have].

Lessons learnt though, it may look easy but it isn't always!


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