Tuesday, 25 September 2007

The console wars

Having never really subscribed to a particular brand I am suprised at the amount of people that do. I'm talking of course about the great Xbox 360 vs Sony PS3 debate with each camp shouting about how great their consoles are and belittling their rivals.

I have owned both Sony & Microsoft consoles from launch with the PS and Xbox, I never really considered it an issue, a great game made me want the console, nothing else.

Now this weekend I went out and grabbed a PS3, the sole reason for this was the ability to play avi's out of the box, the BlueRay was an added bonus. Now it seems that the damn thing doesn't support all AVI's so that was a serious waste of some hard earned cash :

On the flip side, it does look good on my HD TV and Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom is a great game, also has Lemmings which the missus loves :)

Guess I will have to keep re-encoding my AVI's to WMV's and running them through the Elite, one more point to MS!


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