Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Apple MacBook Pro

Well after struggling along with my PC based Fuji LifeBook tablet as a photo editing machine I've decided it's time to retire that part of it's role to a new machine. The problem with the tablet is that the native resolution is 1024 x 600, this means that most of the basic applications complain about the resolution.

I've found that to use Photoshop CS3 and Camera Raw I need to up the resolution to 1024 x 768 and scroll up and down the screen. This is do-able but not easy, it also makes it difficult to render larger images or process basic RAW's.

I will be getting an Apple MacBook Pro to perform this function from here on in, coupled with Apple Aperture this will be an amazing set-up. I use a Mac Mini at home with Aperture and it is superb.

The dilema comes in when you look at the range of MacBooks available. I settled on the 'Pro' range for the additional power from the Intel Core Duo chipset and the newer graphics. I then needed to decide on the screen size, I used the following to decide:

15" Pro's;

Backlit LCD
Smaller form
Lighter package [by 0.5Kg]

15" Cons;

No 'gloss' screen
Lower resolution

17" Pros;

Higher resolution screen
Larger screen
Gloss screen option available

17" Cons;

Larger form [would need to replace all my bags]
£200 more expensive
No backlit LCD

So all in all I decided on the 15" model but then the decision on the version of the 15" raised it's ugly head! It's never easy is it but then I guess when you are spending £1300+ you need to be sure.

I decided that the 2.4Ghz version would be better in that it offered more HDD, more Graphics RAM and a faster processer for the extra price [£300]. So the decision is made and the search starts, where to get one as cheap as possible for new. I spotted a couple of 'refurbs' but the £100 saving didn't offset the 'refurb' label for me.

So I decided to go with Apple direct, the fact we get 6% off with them swung it for me, a brand new unit for the price of a refurb! Add into that the 17% discount on Aperture and I'm a happy bunny with a new Mac being ordered early next week.

I'll update when I've used it in anger and do a mini review for you all.


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