Wednesday, 24 October 2007

The Long Drought

Well I seem to have been in a long dry spell with respect to photography for at least 3 months now. I just don't seem to be getting out there and taking any photos, those I do take rarely make it past the digital lightbox. Does this mean I've lost the passion for the hobby? No! It simply means I have lost the passion for this area of the world. I'm not excited by any of the local spots anymore, we seem to have 'done them to death' meaning there's nothing new.

Well now as we wander [slowly] into Autumn it seems that the world around us is changing, the same familiar old scenes which have dropped off my radar are slowly creeping back in. The change in these will be seen through the foliage on the tree's, the barren landscapes and beautiful colours.

I will be heading to Slimbridge this weekend to get some quick shots on my way past then the weekend after I will be dropping into Stourhead for some fantastic Autumnal shots. Hopefully this, and the slower onset of winter, will rekindle my lagging passion for the area.

I was really looking forward to last winter, some amazing frost, snow and morning mist shots and it simply never happened. The winter was so mild we didn't get anything exciting at all.

I for one am looking forward to Winter with all it's cold frosty mornings :)


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