Thursday, 12 April 2007

Lost moments

Having had to recover a couple of my machines twice in the last month I found myself 'missing' alot of photo's. To say I was miffed would be an understatement :( I took great care in backing them up to remote drives but not to a DVD, I put this down to the time it would take to backup in excess of 20Gb over USB1. In the restoration process I must have simply become confused and dropped the wrong folders thinking I had copied them meaning they are gone forever.

Some of the shots weren't an issue, I still have the low res' ones on-line but a couple of galleries were very important to me and a sad loss. I will never have the chance to re-take these photographs and I'm annoyed my backup regime [or lack thereof] cost me these moments.

In future [hindsight is wonderful] I will be taking full and incremental backups of my shot archives weekly, hopefully there will be no more 'lost moments' in future.


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