Monday, 3 September 2007

Remotes - How Many!

Well after getting myself an Xbox 360 Elite and a HDMI switcher to go with it I find I have yet another damn remote to put on the table. This table is getting seriously cluttered with remotes, Sky HD, Surround System, 360, HDMI and of course the TV remote all adorn this little 1ft square table.

I decided to dip my toe into the world that is programmable remotes. I have a friend who uses one and swears by the Philips Pronto range, pricey but very customisable. I looked at the entry level system which could be had for £60+, the mid-range at £250+ and the Pro range for £500+. Quite obviously I'm not about to pay £500 for a remote! I would rather suffer the collection of remotes I have or get the lesser system.

I did however resort to eBay and found myself bidding on a Pronto Pro RU970 with a colour touchscreen. I lost this in the dying seconds but soon lined up another, I grabbed this one in the dying seconds for £205 delivered! That's less than I was prepared to pay for a new Mono device with less Flash RAM.

Should hopefully be here in the next couple of days, can get to programming macros then. This would allow me to turn on the TV, start the DVD, set the volume on the surround and dim the lights etc at the push of a button.

I might have to get use RF for the 360 as when I use the IR remote it controls both of them : Will cross that bridge when I come to it though.


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