Monday, 3 September 2007

Photo's A Progressive Diary

After reading some pretty scathing comments on some of my photo's at [you know the type " this is shite" etc] I decided a little prune was in order.

Looking back I just uploaded anything and everything regardless of quality, nowadays I tend to be more selective. So I wandered through 90% of my galleries and had a little prune, even to the point of deleting whole galleries. Makes you think though, back then some of the shots were awful but still made it on-line. Now I tend to upload less and less as they fail to meet my criteria.

I also tend to use my Nikon P&S to take alot of snapshots, these days I tend to shy away from using the dSLR for these kind of shots simply because of the nature of the beast. Lense selection, RAW conversions etc all take time and can make you miss the moment. The Nikon allows me to shoot and upload in minutes so I'm missing less these days.


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