Friday, 29 June 2007

The 'Shuttle' saga

So I managed to grab a couple of hours to process my long awaited photos, also found some new utilities to try and recover data off a couple of drives that the Shuttle killed a few months ago.

Sooo, simple task of shutting down the machine, plug the drive it and recover the data. Well it ould be but the Shuttle refused to return to life giving me an 'invalid system disk' error. All I did was plug another drive in! Unplugged the additional drive and same result. Plugged the drives into my 2K3 server in the end and used that to recover the data. Not ideal as I hate the idea of using a live production server for this sort of thing but I was fast losing the self control needed to not throw the lot out of the window.

In the end after 2 hours of Shuttle battling I gave up and smacked it hard, this cured the problem and it now boots up! I have had no end of issues with this box and this is the last straw. I run another Shuttle and that is fine, never fails and always does as it's told.

I am now looking to get another machine and throw the 8 month old Shuttle in the bin, I can't bring myself to use it for anything else because it's so unreliable. I am looking at a Mac Pro with dual 3Ghz Xeon processors, 4Gb RAM and 2x750Gb SATA drives. Should be a monster and will allow me to run dual DVI monitors from the single installed card. With the price at over £2500 I'm still a bit twitchy as this will solely be a photo processing machine and earn me no money at all but the simplicity and reliability of the machine is seriously attractive.

More updates when I've beaten the Shuttle some more and bought the Mac :)


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