Monday, 25 June 2007


So it's still raining, it started on Friday morning and hasn't really stopped yet, it's been an awful weekend of dashing about to do jobs in the brief periods of no rain.

Managed to get the replacement rear door on the Fourtrak though which is good, also refitted the dixie seats and cleaned the headrests ready to go back in.

Overall though a depressing weekend, cleared out the study and now have a mountain of paper to shred, am tempted to burn the lot in the back garden but theres CD's in there to and boy would they stink :)

Waited in all day for a Sky engineer to turn up too on Sunday, was late even by the slackest of standards. Still at least it's working now I guess, although time will tell on that one.

Still it's Monday again and I'm back at work *yay* [/sarcasm] - Lets hope next weekend is both more pleasant and productive.


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