Thursday, 8 November 2007

Moving To The Dark Side


After all the shenanigans with my PC's lately and the simple way in which I deployed two Mac Mini's onto my network I slowly transitioning to a full Mac network. I had an issue with one of my legacy Netgear routers this week and I am really starting to lose my rag with the 2 dsl lines I have installed!

I decided it's time to make the move, the 'dirty' machine I currently use will disappear. Its only used to test applications etc before I deploy them onto the network. With Mac's being less prone to virii etc I just won't need it. The server I currently run will be dropped for a *nix one simply to allow me to run more from it including network monitoring such as Nagios. Also alot cheaper than OS X Server!

My missus will be running a Mac Mini dual booting XP [eugh!] for her gaming needs, I'll disable the network port under XP as she doesn't need to be online so it should be secure. She can use Leopard for browsing etc. Eventually I want to replace all the games with Mac versions and drop the XP partition but we'll see :)

The last hurdle will be replacing my little Fujitsu tablet PC, I will miss the little thing. It's handy for meetings and general stuff but no good for processing photos on. I guess I'll get a new generation Mac Book Pro to replace that some time late next year.

I also need to replace my lovely little hand made corner desk with a full size unit to allow us both to use our machines at once. I'll have to grab a new chair and display too, I'm toying with the idea of getting a nice apple cinema display but that's alot of £'s.

Anyway, that's all for now, no dount there will be more on this later so tune in again soon.


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