Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Apple iPhone

So I bought one this weekend on impulse, wasn't really looking for a new phone but liked the look of it when I played with one in my local O2 store. Nice little touch that they had alot of functional units with WiFi access etc. Made the difference, if it had been a plastic replica I probably wouldn't have bought one.

I'm seriously impressed with this little device, when I manage to tear myself away from youtube and use the other functions I'm amazed. The camera, although it has no zoom or flash, is good enough for everday shots. The sms chat layout is superb and easy to follow. The Google maps, weather and stocks pages are another handy little feature.

As my missus said, I've not had a phone before which has held my interest this long. Normally I play for an hour tops and put it down, still haven't put this down yet! The iPod portion has been hammered today.

I'm uploading some photos to my galleries now and will update this with them when I get chance.


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