Friday, 25 May 2007

Always carry your camera

Easier said than done when the rig weighs like a small car but then I *really* should start carrying my gear. I seem to make excuses like I won't have time to take photo's, or I'm in my suit and can't be climbing over hedges etc etc. In the end I always get home and tell the missus of all the missed shots and wasted opportunities.

I was heading to Hinxley [north of London] on Wednesday via Reading and considered taking my gear. I didn't for the same excuses listed above [the ones I always use] and ended up missing a mass of great shots, shots I could have taken from the roadside or even the sanctity of my car.

The problem is it's always the same, I get home and sulk about it but it doesn't mean I'll take the gear next time so it's a depressing cycle. Next time [hand on heart] I *am* going to take my kit and post some of the shots I would have missed :)


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